with our son, Flynn on the harbour and our dog Diesel below

with our son, Flynn on the harbour and our dog Diesel below

Diesel Dog

the designer

”Put your energy into your strengths”

Hi!  I’m Jac Cunningham – creative at heart, garden and dog lover, traveller, mother, wife and so much more.
If you have landed here then I am guessing you are seeking the services of a graphic designer due to either you don’t quite have the skills to do it yourself OR you just don’t have the time.  It’s nice to have you here –  sit back while I share with you a little about myself.
Creativity, Quality, Integrity, Service and Knowledge play a key role in how I live my life and carry out my work.  A little bit further below are my values so you can see what makes me tick!
After having our son I decided to invest time at home to facilitate all the appointments and therapies that come with having a child with special needs.  Having this time out from the workforce for the first time in many years I came to realize that I didn’t wish to go back into the same profession in corporate IT (SAP). I decided to rekindle and pursue a passion of mine which was colour and design. Undertaking further education with SCAD in Sydney qualifying in Colour Consultancy and Textile and Design I got the taste for it and it didn’t stop there.  It was a difficult choice however it felt right. I now bring a wealth of project management and business experience to the process of branding and design, doing what I love most.
A strength of mine has always been to easily connect with and understand others, respecting your unique abilities in your own field.  I believe creativity is an attribute we all possess it just comes in different forms for everyone.  Let my inquisitive nature help you uncover the essence of your brand to create or expand on your business profile.  I help small business owners navigate your way to create unique identities that resonate your own personal style. I love to have fun with my clients and believe that our time together should be open and honest.
By working closely with clients, together we have established brand identities and print material achieving their desired outcome. 
I combine my intuition, creative intelligence and offer an uncomplicated hassle free Graphic Design house for small and creative businesses I do hope to work with you.


CREATIVITY : Equipped with creative intelligence my visual and perceptive radar will tune into you and the message you want to convey.
QUALITY : Your project, no matter how big or small, will receive the attention to detail it deserves.
INTEGRITY : I am passionate about what I do and have a very strong work ethic, I will represent your brand as its best.
SERVICE : My commitment to you is to deliver an exceptional finished product that you are completely satisfied with.
KNOWLEDGE : Imparting what I know to you is part of my philosophy, my goal is to empower you for success.

Another passion of mine is giving back to the community and I do this in the form of my business called Inspired 2 Give.  If you are searching for a gift which essentially keeps giving then swing on over to my store Inspired 2 Give..

My VISION is to create direction and clarity for others.